2023 Way of Life Trends

2023 is coming soon

People started to prefer outdoor activities rather than staying home. They also chose to order daily necessaries online rather than going grocery shopping.

For instance, during the pandemic, tons of various mealkit products were poured out into the market.

Without going to famous restaurants, now it’s possible for people to enjoy the taste at home.

Nevertheless, human inclinations tend to desire the naturalness of the past. 

As soon as the distancing was relaxed, the hot spots filled with people. 

As if the psychological mechanism that had been suppressed and repressed in the past had reached a period of thawing, it began to be crowded with people pouring out like a tide of water. 

Nevertheless, there is a slight uneasiness in our minds about when the lockdown due to the pandemic will come again. It is a story of a time when a strong will to do something when we can do it rises. 

The changes that have been made to us over the past two years are expected to continue naturally in 2023. Then, let's predict what trend our way of life will follow in 2023.

Lifestyle in the vast outdoors

 It is a keyword named ‘The great outdoors’. The pandemic caused by the virus outbreak has given many people new opportunities to discover the joys of outdoor activities. So, for the MZ generation, the old-fashioned act of mountain climbing has risen to the top as a trend, and golf has been in the spotlight as a sport that can keep distance. Camping has become one of the most enjoyable activities in this day and age. Recently, tennis has been spotlighted as another outdoor sport, and you can clearly see that many people are very interested in the lifestyle they enjoy outdoors. The mass production of vigorous outdoor (or sports) brands is predicted to make a big boom next year for the ‘great outdoor’ trend.

The term ‘Gorpcore’ is also popular in the fashion scene. It means creating a unique style by matching outdoor clothes with everyday clothes. It has been selected as one of the style keywords since around 2016, and refers to outdoor styles that are also applied to everyday life. Normcore is a compound word of normal and hardcore, and refers to fashion that pursues the very ordinary (source: Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia). The recent consumption of imported brands such as Arc'teryx and Wild Things, centering on the MZ generation also means that a trend called the vast outdoors is slowly taking hold. Accordingly, this trend is expected to expand from families with young children to retired middle-aged people, even if it is not necessarily the MZ generation. Of course, the first start was the spread due to the pandemic, but now it is largely based on the interest of urban residents in the eco-friendly movement itself, which has been spreading since the early 2020s. Now, the outdoor space is taking its place as another base of our daily life.

Finding a better ‘me’

If we look back over the past two years, we can see that we have made various efforts to develop or improve ourselves. This is because he generously invested in his efforts to balance his inner calm and external health rather than for promotion in the company or to improve his social status. The trend of ‘Miracle Morning’ was to use the early morning hours with less environmental disturbances for oneself.

Many have taken advantage of the containment of the pandemic to engage in the act of fine-tuning themselves in certain areas. This trend is expected to continue next year. Therefore, many people enjoyed activities such as online classes, trying vegan recipes, learning foreign languages, and teaching musical instruments, and the prediction is that they will try again. The media also cited the United States as an example, saying that "depression and anxiety rates have soared, and wellness experts are helping people find ways to cope with negative thoughts." The fact that many local government-level programs have been developed in Korea to cure Corona Blue caused by Corona 19 can also be seen as one of the above cases. In the next year, the act of finding, stabilizing, and developing the true self, called the inner self, is constantly attempted, and it is predicted that companies will continue to release programs or devices for this purpose.

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