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As a brand and design strategy company that designs success, we help company experience success with professional solutions from Research to Strategy, Design thinking, Design.

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Column Series Qualitative research recognized by YTN and Maeil Economic Daily

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We go to Starbucks even if we are far away. In the age of artificial intelligence, design thinking is essential like global companies. Experience Wediditive Design Thinking, which combines analytical and creative thinking.

Wediditive Design Thinking (2017)

Wedidit Design Strategy

· We establish optimal design strategies so that companies can create high value-added and have a competitive advantage in addition to product/technology.
· We create synergy when connecting with design planning, detailed design development, and management/marketing strategy consulting.

· Sub Theme: We develop integrated design strategies such as product/package/visual/web design, public design, and CI/BI.
· Output: We create design proposals, design proposals, final design results, design management strategy reports, and integrated consulting reports.

Wedidit Branding&Design

Brand design is a series of processes that develop visual images such as Brand Identity (BI) and Corporate Identity (CI), and expresses the brand image of the company and products to consistently inform potential customers of the brand and corporate value in the market. It is a task.

Therefore, brand design should be strategically attempted to generate the most effective response from the target target, taking into account not only aesthetics, but also various aspects such as function and usability of meaning.

Based on our various brand consulting experiences, we are developing strategic designs for building brand assets rather than simple design work, which is accomplished through various analysis processes such as corporate vision, competitor situation, consumer, and business environment. We protect intellectual property rights with design rights, trademark rights, and copyright consulting.

Wedidit Leadership

CEO Introduction

Cody Myeong

Columnist of Daily Economy (2019~)

Appeared in YTN Radio Live Economy (2019.12)
Hongik University Department of Visual Design, College of Art (Branding/UX Major)
   Wharton School 2018 Marketing (Introduction) Courese completion,

   Managing Social and Human Capital completion
Duke University 2018 Behavioral Finance Completion
Consulting and projects such as Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Coca-Cola, and Korean Cultural Center
Design projects such as Samsung Biologics, Hanwha, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Ministry of Education, TV Chosun, Pohang University, etc

Design soldier 2 years work (Navy headquarters, Public Affairs Office, Culture Promotion Division)


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